Ah, the Clinton years. No allegation, however fanciful, was too great to lob at the president from Arkansas. The tales grew to include a hit list of suspicious deaths that co-conspirators in the Clinton attack machine tried to attach to Bill Clinton.

One of these was written about here periodically, the assassination-style killing of Jerry Parks, who happened to run a security business that worked as a contractor at Clinton campaign headquarters in Little Rock. His son, Gary, was one of those who tried to stir up the Clinton connection.

Alas poor Gary. He was sent to prison in Baxter County last year for first-degree murder in the death of his stepfather, a urologist his mother had married after the death of Jerry Parks. The Baxter Bulletin is back on the case because local authorities believe Parks didn’t act alone in the killing of David Millstein. Authorities took a no-contest plea from Parks in hope he’d eventually co-operate on accomplices. He has not.

But the article notes that Baxter County and Little Rock authorities remain interested, both in the Millstein death and the death of Jerry Parks. The Little Rock police indicate they have a suspect in mind in the Little Rock case and the article indicates a belief that the same person could have had a role in the Millstein death, too,. The article notes, in passing but without suggesting a connection, the financial benefits that accrued to Gary Parks’ mother after the deaths of both husbands.


Whoever is a suspect in the two deaths isn’t likely Bill Clinton, I’d wager.