I get a copy of the Little Rock City Board agenda each week and noticed this item:

It authorizes $2.6 million worth of construction (mostly funded by a state Highway Department allocation) and land purchase for key parts of the missing link in Little Rock’s River Trail, someday to stretch unbroken from downtown to Two Rivers Park and beyond.


This work  will build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad line on the eastern side (line passes beneath Highway 10 at right side of this map) of the big gap in the trail where bikes and walkers now use narrow sidewalks to pass the Dillard’s headquarters and Episcopal Collegiate School and a trail connection at the old Cantrell Marine property (find Gill Street on the left side of the map above) on the western end of that gap.

And what of the gap?


Good question. The plan Mayor Stodola believes will be completed calls for a riverside trail cantilevered off the bluff behind Dillard’s headquarters. Big money and something less than enthusiastic endorsement from the big property owner have been obstacles so far.