It’s been widely noted, but it’s worth repeating that the latest statistics show a drop in abortions in the U.S. To a 30-year low in 2008-2011.

The analysis observes that the rate dropped before a spate of new anti-abortion laws in various states. The drop came also in states without any new restrictions on abortion.

Shock: Widely available contraception works. Analysts note that long-term dependable contraception and a faltering economy are likely causes of the drop. This is why attacks on Planned Parenthood and comprehensive health insurance, which includes preventive care such as family planning, are so counter-productive.

Between more difficult access to contraceptives and economic pressure — women try hard not to get pregnant when they can’t afford delivery and when already struggling families will struggle more if they grow — the number of unwanted pregnancies can grow. With that comes 1) more abortions, 2) more back-alley abortions, and 3) more struggling families, with all their ancillary costs.


This isn’t about sex-crazed women, murder or Uncle Sugar. This is about sound and comprehensive medical services for women. They should be given autonomy on those decisions, not be left to the mercy of majority-male, religion-driven legislators.