As promised, the state IT crew has de-Stalinized the website of the Arkansas lieutenant governor. You’ll no longer find photos or mentions there of Mark Darr, who resigned effective Saturday after being found to have misspent office and campaign money on personal expenses.

Catch this: The history page of the site has a recitation of every person who’s held the office, back to inception in 1927. With ONE EXCEPTION. The history ends at the first of 2011, when Bill Halter left the office and Mark Darr moved in. There is no mention of the Darr era. Is it because it would have to recite the circumstances of his departure?

There is a contact link for the office’s four-person staff, which costs taxpayers $250,000 a year in salary and benefits.  Call or write. They might be happy to have something to pass the time, now that the office is vacant and the Republican legislative majority doesn’t intend to let the job be filled this year on the off-chance a special election might give Democratic candidate John Burkhalter a leg up in the general election. Two leading Republican candidates — Charlie Collins and Andy Mayberry — are in the legislature and can’t run to fill out the term because they hold another state office. Office Chief of Staff Bruce Campbell, a hardy Capitol political patronage perennial, also happens to be father-in law of Republican legislator Duncan Baird, a candidate for state treasurer.

Has anybody found out what Darr did with his office hard drives?


From the wayback machine, the happy beginning of the Darr Reign of Error, with his wife Kim being sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson: