The line is open. On the off chance anyone else isn’t caught up in the football game, I recommend:

* FUNNY BUSINESS IN MEDICAID SOFTWARE CONTRACT: When Matt Campbell of the Blue Hog Report and the liberal’s version of the anti-Christ, Jason Rapert, are on the same page, either both have finally left the planet or they might have a point worth considering.

I think they have a point worth considering. It’s about the elimination of a seemingly qualified bidder from handling the post-Obamacare vastly expanded needs of Medicaid information processing for the state, a move that left HP of Conway in the driver’s seat by Blue Hog’s estimation. That a Conway senator — Rapert — is raising sand that could get grit in the eye of HP, a highly touted local business that hasn’t lived up to the ballyhoo just yet (but might if it could land this lucrative state business) tells you something. (Rapert swears HE has no connections to any bidder, thus anticipating the certain question from cynics. And just because Rapert says it, I’ll grant you, doesn’t make it so. Still)

Blue Hog’s account is deep and technical but food for thought at a miimimum.


UPDATE AND APOLOGY: Somehow I dropped my link to the Blue Hog Report, which explains some of the questions asked later.

Otherwise, play ball.


But forget about the horse races. Cato reports that Oaklawn shut down today after three races.