Little Rock seems to have mostly dodged yesterday’s ice and snow.

For those wondering — and since Tuesday is an important day in the production cycle of the Arkansas Times, I’m interested — here’s the latest National Weather Service report on another bout of ice and snow that all of Arkansas could experience Tuesday. It’s from a 5:10 a.m. forecast.

Short take: Could be messy. Or not. Situtation changeable.

UPDATE AT 10 AM: John Robinson at the National Weather Service updated the situation this morning. Now it looks like everyone will need to be casting a watchtful eye all the way through next weekend. Statement follows:


Monday, February 3, 2014, 10:05 AM

Our next round of winter weather…and hazardous driving conditions…will move into western Arkansas toward dawn Tuesday. Initially, approximately the northern two-thirds of the state will be affected. Precipitation will be mainly freezing rain and some sleet, but some snow could fall near the northern border.

As Tuesday goes along, slightly warmer air will move up from the south, changing the wintry precipitation over to rain in central and southern Arkansas by noon. The wintry precipitation will continue over the northern third of Arkansas during the afternoon.

By early evening, most of the precipitation should exit eastern Arkansas. However, a little light snow or flurries could re-enter northwest Arkansas.

Greatest ice accruals are expected in north central sections of the state, where totals between 0.10 and 0.25 inch are expected.

Winter Weather Advisories for Tuesday’s weather have already been issued for northeast Arkansas. Later forecasts are likely to incude Advisories for a substantial part of northern Arkansas.

From Thursday into Friday, patchy light snow will affect much of Arkansas, with the possible exception of the extreme south. Later in the day on Friday, patchy light snow will linger in northern Arkansas, with rain or a mixture of rain and sleet elsewhere. Overall, this round of wintry precipitation should be light in all areas, but there may be enough to cause some driving problems.

From Saturday into Sunday, another round of winter weather will occur. There will probably be enough wintry precipitation to cause hazardous driving conditions over much of the state. Precipitation types, though, are still rather uncertain. It does appear that the northern part of the state is most likely to see snow, the central third of the state will probably see a mixture, and the south should have mainly rain.