It’s a ways off, but I’ve been asked to put in a plug for a worthy charitable endeavor and this quiet morning is a good time to do so.

A fund-raising dinner is set at 7 p.m. March 18 at Hendrix College for Lucie’s Place, a homeless shelter project for LGBT young people aged 18-25. Times are changing, but slowly in Arkansas. The stories of displaced and shunned kids would break your heart, if you have one.


Brock Thompson, a Conway native and Hendrix grad, will speak at the dinner. He’s author of “The Un-Natural State: Arkansas and the Queer South,” a historical look at gay issues in Arkansas, that the Arkansas Times excerpted. The Log Cabin Democrat interviewed Thompson about the project:

“If there’s one LGBT youth who has been kicked out of their home, then there’s a need. We’re going to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for the child. That’s the Christian thing to do,” Thompson said. “Our goal is to provide a safe home so these young people can live their lives to the fullest while developing the skills to live independently.”

Find out more about Lucie’s Place and the dinner at this link. You can, of course, simply make a contribution with information available there. The Log Cabin noted the advisory board of the project includes First Lady Ginger Beebe. The shelter is to include counseling.