Happy to see one of my Hillcrest neighbors in a new TV ad for U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor. If his extremist Republican opponent Tom Cotton has Obamacare, Pryor has Medicare. The record is the record. Tom Cotton, alone among Arkansas Republicans, voted for an extreme budget idea to turn Medicare into a voucher system. It would be woefully inadequate for many. Which is the point. Cotton wants to strangle “entitlements” — read the safety net for the poor, children, elderly and unfortunately stricken. Says Pryor’s release:

“Congressman Cotton’s irresponsible agenda in Washington has real consequences for seniors, and concerned Arkansans are speaking out about Cotton’s recklessness when it comes to Medicare,” said Jeff Weaver, Pryor for Senate campaign manager. “The fact is that Arkansas seniors cannot afford Congressman Cotton’s special interest agenda that cuts Medicare benefits, increases costs for seniors, and raises the eligibility age to 70. Folks like Linda and Courtney have a clear message for Tom Cotton: Arkansans don’t want your Medicare schemes.”

It’s a familiar Democratic tactic to plahy on Medicare — Republicans call it MediScare. But truth helps. Republicans say it’s just the same card Blanche Lincoln played in her losing re-election fight against John Boozman. One key difference: Boozman isn’t from outer space. He hasn’t yet signed on to the extreme and punitive budgets Tom Cotton has supported. Or on food stamps. Or disaster aid. And other issues. Tom Cotton is out there. Way out there.

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Cotton’s campaign also trots out the tired Republican card that Obamacare cuts Medicare. Not exactly. Here’s a better explanation of that. Ask any senior whether he or she wants his “doughnut hole” back. Also, there’s Politifact on this claim — “mostly false,”