Thanks to all of those who responded to our call last week for couples willing to talk candidly about their relationships. We got far more than we have space to include. Maybe we need to write about love and relationships more.

To go with the same love-themed issue, we’re hunting two more things: The worst  pick-up lines you’ve ever used or had used on you. And really good marriage proposal stories. 

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For instance, for years, I hosted a weekly radio show that my now-wife listened to religiously. The night I proposed, I played only love songs, including some that she’d recognize as having special significance. Late in the show, I got a friend to man the board, while I drove to her apartment and, with the help of a cell phone, timed my knocking to coincide with the drum knocks on Otis Redding’s “Open the Door.” Not bad, eh?

Send your pick-up lines and proposal stories to me at  with the header LOVE.


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