How about this. A new poll from Rasmussen has Democrat Mike Ross leading Republican Asa Hutchinson in the race for governor, 44-41.


As I noted yesterday when I mentioned the Rasmussen numbers in the U.S. Senate race — a five-point lead for Tom Cotton over Sen. Mark Pryor — Rasmussen is known for a house bias to Republicans. It had Romney winning the presidential race.

The other funny thing is that if a Republican mouthpiece Twittered the U.S. Senate poll results once yesterday, they did it 1,000 times. So far on the gubernatorial poll?



Same old same old from my point of view. Fundamentally it’s a tie, with the race in control of 10 to 15 percent undecided, a group that trends conservative. This is less of a problem for  Mike Ross than it is for Mark Pryor.