The City Wire rounds up some polling results that could well be a proxy for political races in the fall.

Call it just the “private option,” or an expansion of health insurance, and more Arkansans favor it than don’t.


Call it “Obamacare,” and the numbers go in the toliet.

This finding was interesting: 


Q: As part of President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul plan – known as Obamacare – the Arkansas Legislature passed a law that would add more than 200,000 people to its Medicaid program by using private insurance to purchase health insurance. Do you support or oppose this law?

35%: Support
39%: Oppose
27%: Undecided

In other words, tell people that a program, even called Obamacare, helps 200,000 fellow Arkansas citizens and the vote is close.

The trick is for politicians to break through the incessant incantation of “Obama” by the likes of Extremist Tom Cotton and make voters understand that votes for people like Cotton have consequences — painful ones — for recipients of government help of all kinds, from medical services for the poor to disaster aid to nutrition to farm subsidies,