Rep. Nate Bell is a troglodyte by progressive political standards, but he’s a hard-working politician. Does his homework. (Scores F on most tests, by our lights.) Attends lots of local meetings.

But he will not go unchallenged this election season, a sign, I think, that the Democrats are recruiting hard to try to win the House back and elect Mike Ross as governor. I can’t tell you a thing about the newly announced Democrat’s chances in Bell’s districts, but the Democrats have no chance without a candidate and a candidate on the ballot can produce grassroots enthusiasm for other Democratic candidates.


The candidate: Chase Busch, 26, a “fifth-generation” Arkansan. Normally it’s Republicans this election season touting their ancestors. Nobody has yet topped 2nd District congressional candidate French Hill’s claim of ninth-generation roots. But his heritage might put Busch up on Bell, who spent at least some of years in other parts of the country. CORRECTION TO MY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION OF BELL AS FIRST GENERATION ARKIE: His biography claims Mena as his birthplace, so he can count at least one generation. And Busch’s claim has already stirred Bell on Twitter to cite some past generations with Arkansas roots. Five consecutive? Don’t know. Good debate topic.

Read on for Busch’s news release. It emphasizes jobs, education and infrastructure. It speaks unkindly of the politics of Washington, which I take as a veiled reference to minority Republican opposition, from Bell and others, to the health insurance expansion passed by an overwhelming legislative majority. Busch, who is completing a degree in mechanical engineering at Arkansas Tech, stays positive, but remarks:


Busch wants to represent and lead with the same character, honor, and respect as the great men who served this area in the past.

Bell’s penchant for hurling insults at people with whom he disagrees has included comparing liberals with Nazis and setting the whole of Boston on fire against him after some ill-chosen remarks about the Boston Marathon slaughter.



Chase Busch of Mena is formally announcing his candidacy for District 20 State Representative for 2014. Busch is a fifth-generation and lifelong resident of the area, who is running to create jobs, strengthen education, and improve the infrastructure for Southwest Arkansas.

Mr. Busch seeks the District 20 seat to help make life better for the constituents. He wants to help find solutions, solve problems, and not create more of them through the politics of division. “We’ve seen what the politics of D.C. have done to our country, and I will not have any part of that”, Busch said. “I will focus on building a good working relationship with Democrats, Republicans, and most importantly the people of District 20 by using common sense, finding common ground, and be someone the area can be proud of and that represents the best of District 20.”

Busch wants to represent and lead with the same character, honor, and respect as the great men who served this area in the past.

He will focus on education, economic development, and an infrastructure built for the 21st century for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Busch believes that Arkansas must develop its economy by having a skilled workforce, an economic environment in place that is friendly to existing businesses and that attracts new ones, and be competitive not just nationally, but on a global level.

Busch believes that Arkansans should be entitled to the opportunity for an affordable, world-class education that is second to none, whether it is high school, vocational technical training, or college. Busch also states, “I believe that next to God and family, an education is most important, because it provides a bridge out of poverty, opens doors and opportunities, and gives people the tools to maximize their God-given potential.”

Also, building and improving the infrastructure with not just interstates, highways, and bridges, but also with things like rural broadband internet and other technologies that improve the standard of living in the area.

Busch has an Associate of Applied Science in General Technology, Associate of General Studies, and a Technical Certificate in Machine Tool Technology from Rich Mountain Community College and will be receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arkansas Tech University in December 2014.