The Tuesday night line is open. Closeouts:

* INDEPENDENT SPENDING: Republicans are already dumping money into independent attack advertising on the personally underfunded Republican gubernatorial front-runner Asa Hutchinson. Not to be outdone, the Democratic governors are firing back with the ad above. Stipulation: Both Asa Hutchinson and Mike Ross have spent plenty of years in political office. Mike Ross was heading for a lobbyist-style job when he decided after a few months to run for governor instead. Hutchinson knocked down major D.C. bucks in the political fixing game for a good while.


* STATE TROOPER CHARGEDKAIT reports that Seth Higginbottom, 38, a State Police trooper, resigned Feb. 13, the day before he was charged with breaking and entering in an incident related to the Sharp County sheriff’s office.

* IN THE BELLY OF HARRISON’S RACIST BEAST: I reported the other day on the appearance of a claque of white supremacists at a program in Harrison on the city’s history of racial intolerance, a past many local leaders are trying to put well in the past. One of those speaking was Jacquie Froelich, a top reporter for KUAF in Fayetteville, who came in for some scorn herself from the Klansmen. She reports here on the program.

* PRANK GONE WRONG: The man charged with fatally shooting a teen whom he suspected of tossing eggs and other materials at his SWLR house last weekend said he’d fired a gun only to scare the teens. He’s been charged with first-degree murder.