Remember the great Burns Park goose problem? A plan was afoot to gun down the flock pestering Burns Park users and fouling the grounds, Animal lovers honked with abandon. The hunt was canceled. A dog was brought in on contract to put the geese to flight, along with some other control measures.

The geese have returned. And with them, their leavings.


North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith is taking action. The city has acquired a new dog to rout the geese from the park. He’s scheduled a meet-and-greet.

Tomorrow, Mayor Joe Smith will introduce Shep, a two year old, Catahoula – Blue Heeler mix, that will help our parks department control the Canada Geese population. The acquisition of the dog is a continuing effort by our Parks Department to maintain a natural, healthy park for residents and visitors.

“I can’t wait for our community to meet our newest employee,” said Mayor Smith. “Shep is a great addition to our geese control program and he’s eager to get to work.”