News yesterday about plans to renovate the Fulk Building, current home of Bennett’s Miliary Supplies, for a new home for the Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods ad/PR firm didn’t include an answer to the future location of the venerable retailer, 144 years old and a 74-year resident of Main Street. A new location should be decided by next week. It will be downtown.

Sheree Meyer, owner of the store and the fifth generation of her family to be in charge, said the business was considering several locations, including on Main Street. The familiarity of Main Street has appeal. The store has been in its current spot at Third and Main since the early 1970s, when a fire in a previous location in the next block north forced a move. But she said some other locations might provide better options for parking. “With all the wonderful things happening downtown” and the history, Meyer said downtown would definitely be the choice. “We’re ready for the next phase,” she said.

A family partnership led by Meyer’s husband Doug owns the building and a building across the street where a film subsidiary of CJRW will locate. The partnership will renovate both buildings for lease to the new tenants, part of an emerging picture of technology, arts and residential development on what had long been a moribund strip.