The Friday night line is open. Final words:

* ASA IS MOVED TO SPEAK: Asa Hutchinson continues to dodge straight talk about the Medicaid expansion approved by the Arkansas legislature, an expensive fact of life for the next governor. Pressed by Roby Brock at Talk Business, Asa finally did say — IT’S THE LAW OF THE LAND! No s***, Sherlock. He also called it a pilot project. He also said it probably needed reforms of an as-yet unspecified nature. But, “oh sure,” Hutchinson said, it’s the law. Meaning: He won’t stand in the hospital door to prevent poor people from getting medical care. That’s a relief.


But Hutchinson does NOT recognize another law of a much bigger land, specifically Roe v. Wade. Bare minutes elapsed before he rushed to Twitter to declare his unhappiness with Judge Susan Wright’s invalidation of the unconstitutional ban on abortions in Arkansas at 12 weeks. Said Asa!:

I am disappointed that the 12-wk ban on abortion was struck down in fed court. As #argov, I would have signed into law. Need to appeal

So Hutchinson is unsure about a law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and endorsed by a majority of legislative Republicans. But he’s sure we must appeal a judge’s ruling on a law that has been held unconstitutional time after time from district court to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the polling is right, Asa will sign anything sent to him, unconstitutional or not.


Despicable demagoguery.