The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality today fired Gary Meador, a 34-year-veteran landfill inspector in Baxter County, because he’d used a landfill he inspected as a hunting ground.

The Baxter Bulletin uncovered this story last week. I mentioned it on the blog Friday. A hunting club of which Meador was a member once had privileges on the 700-acre site, but after it was sold, Meador continued to hunt deer there. Last fall, an RV was moved onto the property as a hunting camp. Harrison Mayor Jeff Crockett and others discovered it recently and objected

Teresa Marks, ADEQ director, said the first the department knew of the RV on the property was Friday. Agency officials met with Meador today and fired him. Marks said she didn’t know if Meador would appeal. Marks said the landfill no longer takes fill material so the need for oversight of any work Meador might do there has been  limited. The landfill manager was aware of the RV, but he is not an ADEQ employee. She said the RV was moved onto the property after the landfill closed to new waste Nov. 30, 2012. She said the department didn’t know about Meador hunting on ground he inspected before or after the RV was added, until last week.

The landfill is at the center of a long running dispute between the state and a regional waste management district.