The Capitol Zoning District Commission will consider a request Thursday to use a former restaurant on West Third across from the Capitol as a site to host food trucks. The staff of the commission has recommended approval.

You can see a full discussion of the proposal here. Jim Powell Inc. has applied to use the property at 1706 W. Third, most recently a pizza restaurant, as a host spot for food trucks. A diagram of the idea shows up to four trucks parked alongside the building and addition of some landscaping. No details are provided on the types of trucks contemplated.


The Commission oversees planning around the Capitol and Governor’s Mansion to preserve historic characteristics. The staff figures a food truck gathering would resemble a drive-in restaurant, which is allowed as a conditional use with commission approval. The master plan for the neighborhood recommends mixed uses and encouragement of pedestrian activity. Capitol workers indeed might like to walk across the street for a little lunchtime variety. The current structure was built as a service station in 1965 and has had a variety of uses since.

The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.


A hotter potential item on the agenda is a proposal by Cassie Toro for Gaines Street Baptist Church to remove structures at 1510 Arch and 615 W. 15th. Redevelopment is proposed. The staff has recommended denial saying the structures, though modest, are historic representatives of the time of their construction. A Design Review Committee voted 4-0 against the plan. The Mansion Area Advisory Committee voted 14-3 in favor. A number of letters in favor of the proposal have been received from neighbors.