The Office of Congressional Ethics voted unanimously to dismiss a complaint made by the Arkansas Democratic Party which alleged that U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton may have conducted a radio interview with right-wing talk show host Hugh Hewitt that included an appeal for campaign support while at the U.S. Capitol.

Hewitt repeatedly stated that Cotton was in the House cloak room, which went uncorrected by Cotton. Cotton later said that he had in fact stepped outside. Hewitt said he was mistaken during the interview. If you’d like some Zapruder-film style analysis of the unlikely story Cotton and Hewitt offered up in their backpedaling, see here. Here was the complaint filed by the Arkansas Democrats. Rules for members of Congress forbid them from discussing campaign matters from congressional offices and must do so on their own time.

The ethics panel reached its decision last month and the Cotton campaign released the letter from the Office today, according to AP reports

Meanwhile, another ethics complaint has been filed to the Office of Congressional Ethics against Cotton by retired Arkansas Chief Justice Jack Holt, regarding the disclosure of consulting services Cotton provided for clients.