The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences continues to cope with tightened financial circumstances with a proposal to raise tuition and fees across the spectrum of educational programs on the campus, including a 10 percent increase for students in the College of Medicine.

A campus spokesman, who provided the information to me after a Freedom of Information request, said the proposal is just in draft form. It would require approval by the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, which has not received it yet. But my original tip that the proposal was circulating said it could reach the board by its next meeting, in three weeks.


The proposal notes that a 10 percent increase for medical students would move the college into the 25th percentile of U.S. med schools and still wouldn’t cover expenses, but require subsidies from clinical operations and other revenues.

A 7 percent College of Pharmacy increase is said to be required by a need for more faculty, based on part on accreditation reviews.


Graduate school tuition also would increase 7 percent, in part to meet inflationary increases and also to meet costs of adding on-line courses.

Rate structures would change in the College of Health Professions, with varying impact depending on programs.


The proposal outlines no increases in housing and parking costs, except for the public parking lots, where rates would go up (from $1 to $1.25 for the first hour).

Here’s a link to the full proposal.