More today from the Talk Business/Hendrix College polling, this time on a finding that a solid majority of Republican primary voters don’t like the private option plan by which Arkansas expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. But several races show that this opinion doesn’t necessarily swing voters in races matching supporters of the Obamacare-enabled expansion versus those who adamantly oppose it.

The poll didn’t ask respondents if they knew several candidates were not telling the truth (lying, some might argue) about the private option, such as chief architect John Burris who claims bodaciously that the PO does not expand Medicaid or increase the number of people on Medicaid. It does precisely that, under a euphemism, and the state owes every dollar of it to Obamacare. To pile on the irony (or dishonesty) , Burris’ employer, Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton is promising out of the other side of Burris’ mouth to do away with Obamacare entirely. He can’t and won’t, but if he did, the private option would go up in smoke. (PS: He, of course, as a summa cum laude student of health care options, can explain at length the differences between pure Obamacare Medicaid and what Arkansas has devised. He’s correct, as far as it goes, but there’s no getting around opponents’ core conviction that government has grown to expand health coverage. To which I say hooray.)

Burris is playing word games, but he’d have to go a long way to top Fireball Holland, the senator who voted for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and now faces total Obamcare opponent Terry Rice. Holland has an ad out in which he says it’s just a lie that he supported Obamacare. It’s breathtakingly awesome in its dishonesty. Up is down. But that’s the story of Republican orthodoxy these days. Facts don’t count. Faith shall lead them to victory.

PS — I hope Burris wins his primary. And, I guess, Holland, though his negatives reach far beyond his dishonesty on this issue. Preservation of the Obamacare expansion of medical coverage, whatever you call it, is too important for control of the issue to flip to the teabaggers. But I hate the rampant dishonesty disingenuous comments from all candidates on the issue. I particularly hate that Republicans are madly castigating Obamacare on the one hand (it’s their sole unified election strategy) while feasting on its dollars with the other.