Tyler Pearson will oppose Sen. Jason Rapert’s re-election bid as a Democrat in the fall. Some think it a long shot. But he’ll give voters a clear choice.

Conventional wisdom: You can’t lose beating up on gay people as an Arkansas politician. Pearson is having none of it. He points past Rapert’s empty and familiar demagoguery to Rapert’s silence on a massive pile of corruption in his backyard — the stench from dishonored Judge Mike Maggio. His releae:


Sen. Jason Rapert’s divisive, personal agenda failed this morning when a resolution condemning Judge Piazza and his ruling on gay marriage did not pass. This is another  example of how Sen. Rapert is preoccupied with his personal agenda and not concerned with  the priorities of the people of Faulkner and Perry Counties. It also displays his lack of respect and  understanding for the separation of powers and the judicial process.

“If I’m elected my main focus is going to be serving the people of the 35th senate district and putting their priorities first,” said Tyler Pearson, a Democrat running against Sen. Rapert.

“I will be a listening post for all folks in Faulkner and Perry Counties and focus on issues they care about like fixing the teacher insurance program, raising the minimum wage, and making Conway a place where companies want to invest and expand,” Pearson said.

Sen. Rapert’s personal agenda is based on his own opinions, which are not based in reality. During the proceedings on the referendum vote today, Sen. Rapert said 97 percent of Americans are against gay marriage. That is blatantly false. Recent polling shows a majority of Americans approve of gay marriage.

Despite the facts and the rule of law, Sen. Rapert continues his personal crusade calling for the impeachment of Judge Piazza, completely ignoring the judicial process and separation of  powers.

“Impeaching a judge for one opinion just because you disagree with it is a dangerous precedent for the Arkansas legislature to set. We have elections. We have separation of powers. Sen.  Rapert should focus on the people of the 35th senate district and not try to circumvent the  constitution because he disagrees with a ruling. Even the Republican Speaker of the House, Davy  Carter, called Rapert’s actions absurd,” Pearson said.

What’s interesting is that Sen. Rapert is dead set on impeaching Judge Piazza, but has said nothing about Judge Maggio in Faulkner County and his ties to dirty money. Judge Maggio is under investigation because it appears that his rulings were influenced by money from nursing home lobbyists. Both Maggio and Rapert have taken money from nursing home lobbyists, so maybe that’s why Rapert has been silent about Maggio’s alleged impropriety.