It’s a drop in the bucket being poured by big-money conservative outfits, but a grassroots group in Arkansas that works from the leftish side of the political spectrum is spending a little money to help “educate” voters about Republican legislators in contested primaries. They are being lauded for their votes on the private option version of Medicaid expansion financed by Obamacare.

The Arkansas Citizens First Congress, a grassroots group that tends to fall on the, let’s say, progressive side of environmental, education and financial issues, is sending mailers aimed at supporting a couple of Republican legislators who face tough primaries against opponents running all-Obamacare-all-the-time. The mailers are going to about 1,500 Republican voters for Rep. Sue Scott of Rogers and Rep. John Burris of Harrison, who’s in a three-way Senate primary for Sen. Johnny Key’s vacated seat.