Leroy Patterson, 84, of Roland died of injuries suffered about 1:15 p.m. Wednesday in a head-on collision on Highway 10 (Cantrell Road) near Johnson Ranch Road.

According to the police report, Patterson was driving westbound when an eastbound Pontiac driven by Amber Wells, 18, of Little Rock swerved into the westbound lane and collided with Patterson’s Kia. Wells told police she’d swerved to avoid an eastbound white SUV, Suburban or Tahoe, traveling alongside her that swerved into her lane on the four-lane roadway.

CORRECTION:: A reader called to my attention, citing a State Police website, that Patterson was 84. The Little Rock police, who investigated the accident, gave a birthdate on its accident report distributed to media that made  him 19, as I originally wrote. I’ve now confirmed the age of 84 is correct. It was a typographical error, the LRPD says.