Here’s why people hate politics. —  David Sterling. He’s the unknown gun nut who mounted an ugly Republican race for attorney general on the strength of his support for a Kill the Witness gun law and maybe a million in financial help from sources unknown.

He got whipped like a yard dog in the Republican runoff by a gun-totin’, Bible-beatin’, abortion-hatin’ Republican woman who once spent a little time working for the Huckster.

If you followed Sterling at all — it wasn’t easy — you know he said Rutledge was a RINO, with a record of voting in Democratic primaries and giving money to Democratic candidates. He painted her as soft on guns. He painted her as soft on employing the right kind of lawyers who’d fight to the death for States Rights, the U.S. Constitution be damned. The anonymous money bags compared Rutledge’s philosophy to that of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Sterling wouldn’t disavow either the money or the substance  of the attacks on Rutledge.

Ah, but that was then. Today, Sterling Twittered:


Hypocrite of the Day. And if Rutledge had any shame, she’d turn down Sterling’s money. But she’s already adopted his Stand Your Ground slogan as her own. There’s no bottom to her either.

The name of the Democratic nominee is Nate Steel. Remember it.