An Arkansas Republican official unwittingly reveals the soul of his gun-mad, angry, old-white-man party in a quote about Hillary Clinton if she ran for president to a blog written by David Catanese:

‘She’d probably get shot at the state line.’

The quote comes from Johnny Rhoda, 2nd District Republican chairman. He lives in Clinton. Rhoda elaborates:


When a reporter noted that Clinton undoubtedly enjoys a measurable amount of support in a state where her husband served as governor, Rhoda replied, “Nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.”

Polls actually show Hillary is viewed more favorably than a Republican speaking from deep within the Fox-Club for Growth-RNC echo chamber realizes, not being much in touch with the world at large. For example, this recent poll shows her ahead of all Republican potential candidates in Arkansas except Mike Huckabee, and she trails the Florida tax fugitive by just a whisker.

But never mind all of that. What I want to know is how out of all the nuts in all of the world, this particular Brazil nut wandered into David Catanese’s interview room.Though I am grateful.


I’m just sorry he failed to give Rhoda the title that 2nd District GOP Re p. Tim Griffin properly gave his tried-and-true supporter Rhoda in a glowing news release some years ago.

Rhoda, you see, is a doctor. He holds a doctorate from Belford University. And we think that should be given every bit of the attention such an achievement deserves.


Rhoda is not the only resident of Clinton who holds a degree from Belford University. Another is Dr. Maxwell Sniffingwell, who obtained his Belford doctorate the same way Rhoda undoubtedly did. He (or one of his aides) sent in a check. Maxwell is a modest fellow. Doesn’t talk much about his achievement. Slobbers a bit, is all. Another similarity with Rhoda.

PS — It occurs to me loose talk about shooting a presidential candidate probably isn’t a joking matter. Will the Arkansas Republican Party, at long last, disavow Dr. Rhoda?

UPDATE: The Democratic Party gets energized. It calls on 2nd District Republican congressional candidate French Hill to demand Rhoda’s resignation as chair for his district.

UPDATE II: Republicans are scurrying to cover their asses, but as yet a single simple disavowal of Rhoda has not been forthcoming. Here, Rhoda says of  course he wasn’t serious and his comment was taken out of context and blah, blah, blah. The reporter is having none of it. From Talking Points Memo:


“That comment was taken way out of context,” 2nd Congressional District party chairman Johnny Rhoda told Business Insider about the U.S. News report on his remarks. “It certainly was not meant in a threatening or hostile way at all. It was just a comment. Perhaps I used the wrong word.”

“It was completely blown out of proportion,” he added.

The U.S. News reporter who reported Rhoda’s initial quote, David Catanese, wasn’t having it.

“Oh, yes, ‘taken out of context,'” Catanese told Business Insider in an email. “As in — taken out of our on-the-record conversation and into print.”

UPDATE III: Democrats have gotten energized and called on the 2nd District GOP candidate to demand Rhoda’s resignation from party office.

Said Democratic Chair Vince Insalaco:

“If Republicans like French Hill are relying on help from party officials who use such violent rhetoric in everyday conversation, what does that say about the way French Hill relates to everyday Arkansans? French Hill should denounce Mr. Rhoda’s despicable comments and ask for his resignation immediately.” 

John Burkhalter, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, remembers when his opponent, Republican Congressman Tim Griffin, touted Rhoda as a top campaign adviser. Read on from his release and for some Tim Griffin butt-covering. From Burkhalter:

Griffin has praised Rhoda, calling him “a major asset to our campaign” and a “leader in Arkansas” and added “I know he will be a great help in spreading our message of common sense conservative values.”

John Burkhalter knows Arkansans – regardless of political party- abhor violence in our politics and our communities. Those are the Arkansas values we all share.

“Dangerous and violence-inciting language may work in Washington. But Mr. Rhoda’s divisive and threatening words have no place in Arkansas. Congressman Griffin may be used to these tactics but we call on him to immediately denounce the statement, and relieve Mr. Rhoda from any official role in his campaign, and issue an unequivocal apology,” said Mariah Hatta with the John Burkhalter for Lieutenant Governor campaign. 

From Tim Griffin’s campaign manager, Annamarie Atwoodr:

“The Democrat nominee for lieutenant governor is apparently confused by the most basic of facts because Mr. Rhoda has no connection to our campaign for lieutenant governor and his statement is obviously inappropriate.”

Of course Rhoda has no connection to THIS campaign. But he DID have a connection to an earlier campaign for congress, which is how the news release is phrased. I’ve asked if they still think so highly of Dr. Rhoda as they did then when they were singing his praises and his fake Ph.D.