I have to run some errands. But I’ll try to catch up on the big question pending about next week’s legislative session:

Will Oaklawn muscle into the special session call a bill to limit lottery expansion (and thus prevent new competition for their Hot Springs casino?) Interesting to see the slot machine operators and Jerry Cox bedded down together on the cause.

Can’t wait to see the Mullenix lobby firm’s tab on this one.

UPDATE: The move to restrict the lottery comes on the day of more bad news on lottery performance. Bishop Woosley, the lottery director, told the commission Wednesday that the lottery net in May was $6.5 million, off more than a third from almost $10 million in the same month last year. When the fiscal year ends June 30, he expects the net to fall more than $1 million short of the lowered expectations of $82.8 million set in February. He’s counting on new games to increase the take. Here’s a slideshow of Woosley’s presentation.


Declines were noted in every category of ticket sale.

ALSO: John R. Bailey, former director of the Arkansas State Police, has been named director of the Union Rescue Mission, the Little Rock nonprofit that helps the homeless. After retiring from the state police, Bailey worked as a manager for Affiliated Foods.