Politico reports that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is coming to Fort Smith tonight to help raise money for another like-minded extremist, Republican Tom Cotton, the U.S. Senate candidate. Jindal has formed a PAC so he can travel and raise money for other candidates to build a network for his own hoped-for rise back into presidential contention.

Better that Jindal come to Arkansas than Cotton fly down to Baton Rouge.

This article notes that polling shows Jindal is among ther most unpopular governors in the United States.  He’s so unpopular he has poorer numbers than a would-be successor, David Vitter, once reported to have a penchant for wearing diapers when having flings with high-dollar New Orleans prostitutes.

Jindal will join Cotton’s statement today cheering a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows a private company to deny coverage of birth control pills in group health insurance plans. “Religious freedom” is more important to them than women’s medical care.