Extremist Republican Tom Cotton spoke to the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, a receptive audience most likely for his diatribe against the Obama administration’s proposal to curb emission of greenhouse gases from coal-burning power plants.

Roby Brock has full coverage. But this quote caught my eye:


“Global warming is not American warming. It’s not Arkansas warming. If we disadvantage manufacturers here in the United States, what are they going to do? They’re not going to shut down business. They may shut it down here in the United States, but they’re going to send it to other countries like China or India where they have lower pollution controls than we have here. This legislation is going to drive up the cost of doing businesses in the United States.” 

Cotton touts himself as a product of a family farm so he has to be aware that climate conditions have changed in Arkansas. Long-established expectations on growing seasons and the types of vegetation that flourish in certain zones have changed, dramatically in some cases. A cyclical happenstance in which man has no involvement? A change influenced by man? Sober scientists think change has occurred and it’s only prudent to consider reducing man-made impact even if they aren’t ready to declare absolute cause and effect.

Not Tom Cotton. If China won’t do anything. We won’t do anything. That’s being a responsible citizen of God’s green earth, isn’t it?


If Cotton and the climate deniers are wrong, this much is sure: Global warming will be felt in Arkansas, too. We can’t build a wall high enough for protection.