Arkansas Republicans are attempting to smear 4th District Democratic congressional candidate James Lee Witt because he’s been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson of California. The smear by association? Thompson is a “radical gun control advocate.”

Thomspon is the devil to Republicans because he backs legislation, among others, to close the gun show loophole on background checks for firearm purchases. Any number of conservative, gun-toting NRA members support this “radical idea.”


Doyle Webb, the deadbeat GOP chairman whose law license was imperiled for unethical misdeeds with an elderly woman’s estate, won’t tell you about the specifics of the legislation Thompson has endorsed. Nor will he tell you it has a Republican co-sponsor, Rep. Peter King of New York. But here it is:

…the background check bill would require private sellers operating at gun shows and online to screen potential buyers to weed out felons, spousal abusers, illegal immigrants and other categories of prohibited buyer. Under current federal law, only licensed gun dealers are required to conduct those screenings.



Extremism in the pursuit of gun nuttery is no vice to Republican leaders. Honesty doesn’t count for much either.

Oh, OK. Thompson is also chair of the House gun prevention violence task force. It is un-American, of course, to oppose gun violence.


But you might be interested in this radical’s own words:

After being named chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in the U.S. House of Representatives, I held a series of open town halls in our district that examined some of the actions that Congress could take. Hundreds attended these meetings. I heard views from law enforcement officials, mental health experts, school officials, NRA members and gun control advocates. Many feared that their Second Amendment rights would come under attack when my task force made its recommendations to Congress. Others wanted to cast those rights aside.

I believe both views are too extreme. I will never give up my guns and I will never ask law-abiding Americans without a history of dangerous mental illness to give up theirs. Not only am I personally against this, the Constitution does not allow it. In District of Columbia v. Heller the Supreme Court affirmed once and for all that Americans have a right to keep and bear arms.

At the link, he explains the protection in his and King’s legislation for lawful gun owners. He also cites polls showing overwhelming voter support, even among Republicans, for background checks.

Who’s the radical, Doyle?