AP reports that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will campaign in Arkansas in August for Republican nominee Asa Hutchinson.



Asa doesn’t think the bottom 40 percent of Arkansas wage earners are entitled to any tax breaks. Mitt Romney’s thoughts on the “47 percent” are well known.

Like Asa, Chris Christie doesn’t have a problem with letting people decide what medical services should be supplied under group health insurance plans, no matter what the law says. Christie absolutely favors denial of contraception if an employer chooses to deny it. Slippery slope. In vitro fertilization? That’s a baby killer. to some employers. Same for tubal ligations and vasectomies. Viagra? That’s just for recreation, not procreation. Blood transfusions? Not for children of Jehovahs. And so on, if you’re going to play that bogus religious freedom card in the name of corporate decision-making about other people’s lives.


Romney will be in Jonesboro Aug. 20 and Christie in Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas Aug. 27.

You think we could find a toll bridge for Christie to cross?


You think fans will turn out along the highway o greet their arrival, as fans of President Obama did when he joined Sen. Mark Pryor on a tour of tornado damage in Faulkner County?