It’s already been noted here that by selective quotes the Tom Cotton campaign has baldly misrepresented Mark Pryor’s position on border security and immigration.

Don’t believe me. Here’s the independent


An ad from Republican Rep. Tom Cotton cherry-picks a quote and several votes to distort Sen. Mark Pryor’s position on border security.

The ad says Pryor, a longtime supporter of increasing and improving fencing along the southwest border with Mexico, cast three votes “against a border fence.” But that ignores Pryor’s votes for border fencing.
It also mocks Pryor for saying the border is “much more secure” than it was 10 years ago. But Pryor said in the same interview that the border is “not perfect” and “needs some work.” The evidence supports Pryor’s assessment.

What do you bet the Cotton campaign will continue to peddle the half-truths?

Recognizing that, Pryor has an ad up in response.