Mike Huckabee is spending plenty of time in Iowa, where the Religious Right-dominated  Republican caucuses have proved warm to him, and is happy to says he’s “seriously considering” a 2016 presidential candidacy. It’s good for marketing his media work if nothing else.

Plenty of coverage here at ihis visit to a closed, expenses-paid forum led by a leading Religious Right figure in Iowa. Classic Huckstering. He took a clear dig at Rand Paul, while insisting he wasn’t taking a dig at Rand Paul. He gave “exclusive” time to the important Des Moines Register.


Mike Huckabee says he finds it interesting when well-meaning conservatives say they don’t want the GOP to talk about moral issues.

“They say, “I don’t want to hear about social issues. All I want to hear is about liberty and low taxes. Well, that’s just delicious. Let me tell you something,” said Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor. “… Liberty cannot function unless there are people who are willing to live with integrity.”

The Huckster wants you to believe that he only coincidentally made these remarks just days after presidential aspirant Rand Paul visited Iowa. Paul has talked in recent days about a Republican Party that needed to focus more on a bigger tent and less on pet moral issues.

Asked if his “liberty” remarks were directed at the liberty movement that sprang from 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign, and the activists who are now rallying around his son, Rand Paul, Huckabee told The Des Moines Register: “No, not at all. It’s just the bigger picture. … It’s a word I would use regularly anyway.”

Salon, by the way, called the turnout of candidates to the Iowa Renewal Project a “pander-fest.”


Also, Huckster did some Huckstering on his headline-grabbing comments about impeachment of President Obama. He said he said Obama deserved impeachment, not that he should be impeached. Or something like that. It’s a distraction to talk about impeachment said the man who injected the word into his own conversations.