Tyler Pearson of Conway is making an energetic run against everybody’s favorite demagogue, Republican extremist Sen. Jason Rapert. But Rapert’s an incumbent. The Conway County liquor dealers back him, among other special interests, and he can poke a hot button issue with the best of them. Queers. Baby killers. Muslims. Environmentalists. He’s on ’em like stink on, well, you know.

So, while I”m not sure this is much of a lift in the places where Rapert’s political fiddling plays well, Pearson will entertain a celebrity endorsement Saturday. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will join Pearson at a Little Rock news conference to talk about how better pre-K education and a higher minimum wage can help the middle class. O’Malley championed those issues in Maryland. They are key issues in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross’ campaign, as well as those of other Democratic candidates.


Let me mention this before Bro. Rapert does: Maryland voted for Barack Obama for president.