The line is open. Here’s today’s video roundup. And here’s a piece of news that continued this morning:

* BRRRR: It’s official July was the coldest on record for the state of Arkansas

* HATERS GONNA HATE: The anti-gay forces at the Family Council are going nearly berserk over the possibility that Fayetteville may pass an ordinance protecting people from discrimination on account of sexual orientation or gender. The list of spurious arguments — infringe of religious freedom to discriminate, cost, etc. — has grown now to include that golden Arkansas political message — economic development. They say it would chill the economy. To that I answer two words: Houston, Texas. It’s booming. It has a lesbian mayor and an anti-discrimination ordinance.

* LITTLE ROCK CITY BOARD CANDIDATES: Two candidates filed for City Board today,  Grayson Shelton filed for Ward 1, the third opponent for incumbent Erma Hendrix, along with Herbert Broadway and Robert Webb. Sandy Becker filed against incumbent Doris Wright in Ward 6.