As predicted earlier, the race for Bryant mayor — pitting incumbent Jill “Republican” Dabbs against Alderman Adrian Henley — is lively.

A recent Legislative Audit that cited a number of bookkeeping deficiencies from lack of financial documentation to police department ticket book practices has added to the race. Legislative Audit routinely referred the audit to Saline Prosecutor Ken Casady for review. He said yesterday he’d have a staff investigator review before deciding to refer the matter to the State Police.

Here’s a KARK report on the latest. While the audit raised some questions across the span of government, the cover letter sent to Casady directed him to two specific findings — lack of document to demonstrate the business purposes of some $3,900 in purchases and lack of documentation for some $1,600 in travel expenses. Both were related to the finance director’s office, a position that has been through several personnel changes.

Dabbs has depicted the audit as generally an endorsement of her management. Critics have said it illustrates problems across the span of city government.