A multi-million-dollar plan for the renovation of the passenger concourse at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is to be unveiled at a news conference this morning.

I expect the concourse needs improvements regardless but continuing commitments to expenditures and expansion amid a decade of stagnant to declining air traffic — with a big hit coming from Southwest’s realignment of flights — has to be on the minds of all involved.


But gate crowding can be a problem in Little Rock. That said, I flew this weekend through Charlotte’s big hub for the first time. It compares favorably to, oh, maybe the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York.

I’ll post the drawings of the improvements later today.


UPDATE: The airport staff announced $20.6 million worth of proposed work, if the Airport Commission approves.

It will include modernized interior, more gate seating, additional restrooms on the concourse and improvements in the baggage claim area, improve Wi-Fi service, new jet bridges, new signs and new monitors on arrivals and departures. If approved next month by the Commission, work will begin in June and take about a year to complete. It’s part of a master plan for improvements to the airport by 2020.


Passenger fees and reserves will cover the cost.