Because of new video that shows pro football running back Ray Rice punching his wife on a hotel elevator, the Baltimore Ravens have terminated his contract.

The team already knew he’d roughed her up. The latest video just makes it clear how rough. Ravens are late to justice.


Surely, we won’t have to endure the boys-will-be-boys excuse on this bit of male misbehavior. (I’m thinking of defenders of departed UALR athletic director Chris Peterson for starters.)

I wish there was more outrage to other evidence of second-class treatment of women:


One example:

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported Sunday on a subject that has been well-reported year after year by my friends at Arkansas Business. The 17 largest publicly held corporations in Arkansas are governed by boards dominated by men — white men, to be specific. Of 165 board seats, 21 are held by women. Do you think that percentage is based solely on merit?


It was just such an imbalance that led Arkansas Business’ leader, Olivia Farrell, to get involved years ago in starting the Arkansas Women’s Foundation, which encourages women leaders. Bad as today’s numbers are, they used to be worse. And, come January, a majority of the Arkansas Supreme Court will be women, so there’s that. But that may be because boys club rules don’t determine election outcomes; voters do. And women tend to make up a majority of voters.

PS — I spoke too soon. Fox News already cracking jokes about Rice beatdown victim.