The Tom Cotton campaign is giddy about its endorsement by the National Rifle Association and giddier still about the news that the gun lobby is going to spent $1.3 million in TV ads depicting Cotton as their best friend. The ads will describe Cotton as somebody willing to stand up to that black Kenyan gun confiscator who’s usurped a real American’s place in the White House.

Duck hunting Mark Pryor won’t be mentioned. Nor will it be mentioned that Pryor cast a vote desperately sought by the NRA, against closing the background check loophole. Fat lot of good that did him.

You can’t go wrong beating up on Barack Obama in Arkansas. Not even the NRA, which has plenty of negatives, even in Arkansas. Arkansans generally, polls say, have some common sense on guns. They (including many gun owners) think background checks are reasonable, for example. But the gun nuts are motivated voters and it would appear that motivation could be the key to election 2014.

Yet another reason to turn off local channels.