The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette coverage this morning of a Little Rock appearance by Jerry Jones’ daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, gave an impressive view of an accomplished woman who holds a top position (in charge of brand) at her father’s  Dallas Cowboys.

I met her once, long ago, In 1983, she opposed another future Stanford student, Kenneth Richardson, in a hotly contested race for president of the Central High student body. Jones spent what was then considered a fortune — maybe a few hundred dollars — to mail postcards to student voters. Richardson won a close election that mirrored big-time politics on the high school level.

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Whatever happened to Kenneth Richardson? He’s a member of the Little Rock City Board of Directors and works at his day job at an agency that tries to improve lives of kids. Anderson became integral to her father’s sports franchise.

Charlotte Anderson spoke of current issues besetting the NFL — a player charged with abusing a child, another charged with knocking out his future wife on a hotel elevator. The NFL must do a better job of deciding punishment for things that happen off the field and informing players of consequences, she said. The NFL could use more of the assured Anderson in speaking roles as it copes.


Yes, but …..

In the news coverage, Anderson didn’t mention — and the Little Rock Touchdown Club and D-G columnist Wally Hall didn’t bring up — that the Cowboys just might have housekeeping issues of their own.


For example: Do the Cowboys contribute to attitudes about women that devalue them?   Everybody loves the skimpily dressed Cowboy cheerleaders, I know. Well, maybe not everybody. Has Charlotte Anderson, Stanford grad, ever given a thought to how that group might objectify women? (She did say in Little Rock that she explained to her father, then a new NFL owner dealing with the cheerleaders, what hot pants were.)

And what about the men of the Dallas Cowboys front office, cavorting with arm candy on the Sunset Strip recently as they entertained a league executive?  “That’s just a part of our entertainment with the Cowboys,” Jones told a cameraman when asked about it later. Jerry Jones also drew some unwanted attention recently for compromising photos and a lawsuit by a former stripper. Lawsuits are just allegations. Photos with strippers at your crotch could be taken out of context. But there is a lot of context about the role of women in the NFL that doesn’t always match  the image a savvy female executive presented in Little Rock yesterday. Then again, maybe Anderson was speaking about not only Ray Rice and Adrian (name corrected) Peterson when she said:

“It’s something that we all understand how serious the issues are, and we all know that we all have the responsibility to not only get our own house in order and how we address our players, but also help them understand what’s wrong with those issues and hep those that suffer with it as well,” she said.

“I always believe that in every challenge there’s an opportunity to do something impactful. And this may be one of those.”