MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt is in town following the Clinton parade and got some mileage out of an awkward encounter with Sen. Mark Pryor. She asked about President Obama’s Ebola response and he stumbled. Pryor is not good at this sort of thing, which is unfortunate given that he went in to the family business. Republicans in Arkansas are very excited about this hot development. I’m placing the over-under on number of votes this incident swings at zero. 

Pryor sent a followup statement to Hunt: 


I’ve given better answers to tougher questions, but the fact is we’ve got to do everything possible to prevent an outbreak here at home. That starts with containing the disease’s spread in Western Africa, and our military and airport screening efforts are the right thing to do. What’s not right, however, is to vote against adequate funding for the Center for Disease Control, which Congressman Cotton has done.