What a way to return home from two weeks of vacation: A one-day work week. But it was a fairly busy Friday for me as the day’s video roundup illustrates.


* THERE HUCK GOES AGAIN: Sure he was joking. Sure it was typical Huckstering. But really, you shouldn’t make light about suppressing votes and calling people who might vote against your candidate “dangerous.” Here’s what he said at a rally with Tom Cotton (whose policies truly would hurt the working people of Arkansas):

 If you find a person in your family or neighborhood that says I don’t know if I’m going to vote Tom Cotton or not because that Mark Pryor, he’s a nice young man. Well, here’s what you do, you just tell them that the election’s been moved to December. Let the air out of their tires if you have to. Those people are dangerous. They should not get out of their house on election day. They might hurt somebody. They might hurt you.