The Washington County Election Commission has approved language for a ballot measure to repeal Fayetteville’s LGBT civil rights ordinance that prohibits housing and business discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender, The Fayetteville Flyer reports.  

The language that the commission approved for the ballot, which was preferred by the group Repeal 119, which opposes the equality ordinance, has been called confusing by some members of the Fayetteville City Council because it would ask voters to vote “For” in order to repeal the ordinance. Those working to keep the ordinance from being repealed had hoped to get language on the ballot that would have had a voter vote “For” if he or she was for keeping the ordinance and “Against” in order to see it repealed.  


The City Council has contrary legal advice from City Attorney Kit Williams about how the ballot measure should read and this may wind up in court before it’s all over.