I mentioned Saturday a 2014 survey of legislative candidates by the Campaign for Liberty, the Ron Paul-founded organization that takes libertarianism to the outer  limits.

I focused on this question:


Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?

Virtually every candidate who responded to the survey said YES they would support (and many would sponsor) legislation to allow state arrest of federal officials carrying out the Affordable Care Act. That law has been enacted and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. A significant portion of it has been enacted by a supermajority of the Arkansas legislature.

Even Orval Faubus didn’t attempt to arrest the federal officials who tried to enforce Brown v. Board of Education in Little Rock, Ark., though he did try the nullification route.


I noted that among those recorded as YES votes on nullification and arrest legislation were three sitting legislators — Sen. Missy Irvin and Reps. Richard Womack and John Payton.  Irvin responded to my question about this. She said she didn’t recall the survey. And she disavowed it. She said she did not support arresting people for carrying out Obamacare, though she does oppose the law.

Irvin said she’d get in touch with the Campaign for Liberty. I tried as well. No response.


But the Campaign does these surveys nationwide and this is not the first one. I checked today on the 2012 effort.

In 2012, the group polled state legislative candidates on the same questions. Missy Irvin responded YES in 2012, too. Actually, “YES+,” which indicates a willingness to sponsor the legislation. In fact, 34 candidates (virtually all Republicans) responded to the survey in 2012 and 28 of them thought arrest of Obamacare enforcers was a good idea. They included, besides Irvin, Democratic Sen. David Wyatt, Republican Sens. Jon Woods, Jake Files and Bruce Holland, and Republican Reps. Bob Ballinger, Jim Dotson, Randy Alexander, Stephanie Malone, Lori Benedict, Andy Davis and current congressional candidate Bruce Westerman.

What WERE they thinking? Were they thinking at all?