Leslie Rutledge
, the Republican candidate for attorney general, seems likely to add 40/29 to her Do Not Return Calls list after this interview.

Rutledge flops in explaining why she won’t allow examination of her personnel record at the Human Services Department, where a supervisor said she could not be rehired for “gross misconduct.” And she shows no remorse about forwarding a racist e-mail about a family in need of protection. Indeed, she said she had a black person tell her the dialect represented there by a white friend of Rutledge sounded “country” rather than black.

To refresh your memory on the email Rutledge forwarded as a “true story,” here’s how it started:

UPDATE: Amanda Crumley of Southern Progress writes that Rutledge is unfit to be attorney general. It includes a further look at Rutledge’s sometimes raunchy email during his DHS days, not just the racist missive.