Let’s open the line early since many will be pre-occupied:

Two things:

1) Twitter says they fell short of selling out War Memorial Stadium for an SEC game against Georgia. Adios Razorbacks. See you in Fayetteville.

2) That photo came via Bill Clinton’s Twitter account, a stop in Hope with Sen. Mark Pryor and 4th District congressional candidate, James Lee Witt, Clinton’s highly competent emergency director.

Republicans are chortling — chortling — that Bill Clinton spoke the honest truth in Hope, about Bruce Westerman’s hold-out, tiny minority vote against the bipartisan private option health plan that has brought health security to 211,000 Arkansans and life-saving dollars to the state budget. 

Bruce Westerman remains proud of being out of step with much of his own party and the well-being of the state he wants to serve. How that can be a recommendation against the populist James Lee Witt only a misguided 4th District voter can explain.