In his own words, Sen. Jason Rapert told a city of employee planning employee that he wasn’t inclined to support development ideas he’d previously favored because the employee, Wes Craiglow, was supporting his opponent, Tyler Pearson.

Now Jason Rapert essentially tells the Log Cabin Democrat that it’s unfair to judge him by his own written words. We’ve been down this road with Rapert many times before. He overloads his rear with demagoguery — he gets caught, for example, on videotape making the infamous “minorities” crack — and then he blames his problems on his critics, not his own flapjaw.


Here’s a Log Cabin Democrat report on the Rapert-Craiglow affair. Check it out. Rapert is nothing if not a master at deepening his own holes.

After seeing a sign for Pearson in Craiglow’s yard, Rapert wrote Craiglow:


“I had committed to helping you with your ideas — not motivated when you work against me,” Rapert said in the private message.

Craiglow said Rapert’s comment amounted to a “quid pro quo” that had no place in public service.

Rapert has, typically, gone ballistic over Craiglow’s refusal to be intimidated. He has again injected putative death threats for a sympathy vote, as he typically does when political criticism arises. 


“No — I have never had an official agreement or understanding with Mr. Craiglow about anything. I considered him friendly and supportive of my representation until he threatened to use my private message for political purposes in public — and he made good on that promise. I never dreamed he would make up something like this just because he supports my Democrat opponent in the election. That is not the way I operate, but I understand that people get carried away in campaigns when their chosen candidate is behind in the polls. I choose to forgive Mr. Craiglow for his actions, but I am disappointed. My family has literally dealt with credible death threats for months now. Though I am very disappointed with this happening — it really is not serious compared to what my family has had to go through. I look forward to Nov. 4 and the election being finished — I am very tired of the negative campaigning, and so is the rest of our community.”

Craiglow made up nothing. Craiglow didn’t attack Rapert. Craiglow responded to Rapert’s political blackmail attempt.  Rapert liked Craiglow’s ideas for using state GIF money for Conway until Craiglow turned up as a Pearson reporter.

Rapert is simply ticked that his heavy-handed blackmail effort to shut up Craiglow went public. We still have a 1st Amendment in the U.S. If only the Jason Raperts believed in it as much as the 2nd.

An image of a portion of the front page of the local newspaper is the kind of advertising that Tyler Pearson couldn’t buy. And Jason Rapert has no one but himself to thank.