Polling for the Arkansas Democratic Party by Opinion Research Associates of Little Rock shows tiny leads for Mark Pryor (1 point) and Mike Ross (2 points) in their respective races for Senate and governor. Both amount to statistical dead heats. Both run counter to several national polls, but consistent with recent NBC/Marist polling which also showed both races in statistical dead heats, though with small leads for Senate candidate Tom Cotton and gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson..

The poll of 401 voters
has a 5 percent margin of error and double-digit undecided voters in both cases.

In the race for governor of Arkansas, former Congressman Mike Ross, the Democrat, andformer Congressman Asa Hutchinson, the Republican, are in a statistical dead heat with Ross leading slightly, 44% to 42%, and Frank Gilbert, the Libertarian, at 2%, and JoshDrake of the Green Party, at 1%. Undecided voters amounted to 11%.

Similarly, in the race for the U.S. Senate, Democratic Senator Mark Pryor edgesRepublican Congressman Tom Cotton 45% to 44%, with Nathan LaFrance, theLibertarian, and Mark Swaney of the Green Party each getting 1%, while 10% of voters were undecided.