The fake polling operation by Republican Stacy Hurst’s campaign for state House barked up the wrong tree today.

They called retired Supreme Court Justice Jack Holt, who reported his experience to the Times. His account of the call:


“Have you voted?” No. “Have you made up your mind?” Yes. “Would you mind saying who you voted for? Why, no, Clarke Tucker. “Would you vote for him if you knew he represented a criminal free of charge?”

It was a home run pitch for Holt.

I said, yes I would. I happen to be a retired lawyer and judge and I”ve probably handled 50 pro bono cases. I asked her if she knew  that everybody has a right to have a counsel and it’s even required by the Constitution.

When he took a breath, the caller said, “Well, uh, thank you” and hung up. He added:


I was sorry. If she’d stayed on longer I said I might reconsider my vote if Stacy Hurst would retract what she’s said.

Not a chance. It’s all Hurst has, a single pro bono case Tucker once handled. That and Tucker’s 4-year-old son, for NOT getting the school assignment his parents hoped for..

Holt said he wished cartoonist George Fisher was still around. He’d order up a cartoon with Stacy Hurst sitting in the lap of her financial angel, tycoon Warren Stephens. “Not like a lap dance,” he hastened to add. “Like a puppet.”