Remember Seth Moulton, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts? He’s the decorated war veteran who never mentioned his wartime valor. When a newspaper dug up Moulton’s record, he said:

“There is a healthy disrespect among veterans who served on the front lines for people who walk around telling war stories,’’ he said

The story brought to mind other candidates, such as Tom Cotton, not so reticent about invoking military backgrounds.

Here’s another area where Cotton and Moulton faced a tough issue. The comparison doesn’t flatter Cotton.

Here’s the deal, from Talking Points Memo. The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage endorsed Moulton, an unheard of NOM backing for a Democrat. It’s because Moulton’s Republican opponent, Richard Tisei, is gay. NOM said it’s better to support Moulton than have a gay person in Congress. Really. Gay is worse than being a Democrat.

And what did Seth Moulton do? He rejected NOM’s endorsement.

“Seth Moulton fundamentally disagrees with everything NOM stands for and has long said that equality is the civil rights fight of our generation,” Moulton communications director Carrie Rankin told MetroWeekly.

This brings us straight to Arkansas and Tom Cotton. Cotton vigorously opposes same-sex marriage. So, too, does Mark Pryor (in his try-not-to-offend kind of way).

NOM has entered the Arkansas market with a TV ad saying Pryor can’t be trusted to oppose marriage equality. To illustrate the point, it dragged a young college student into its commercial with an ambiguous snippet from a secretly recorded interview set up by the discredited conservative video trickster James O’Keefe. The Democratic Party called on Cotton to repudiate NOM for dragging this innocent kid into the fray. Not to support marriage equality, mind you. Just to repudiate indecent treatment of a young woman.

Cotton response? Nothing.

Seth Moulton or Tom Cotton. Who would you decorate?